Our Services

1 Education
Cultural Awareness seminars are available for your staff.
2 Business
We help you negotiate contracts providing cultural & language links.
3 Medical
We interpret for patients and Providers in medical settings.
4 Legal
Interpreters are on-call and ready to interpret in over 107 different languages.


About Us

We facilitate effective communication between various medical, educational, or business organizations and limited English proficient people.

This network consists of a centralized interpreter base that offers traditional on-site and phone conferencing, but features the capability to real time access internet connection via video conferencing.

The creative use of this technology in collaboration with a professional interpreter network redefines a cost effective utilization of interpreter services and broadens the scope and quality of service at local, national or international levels.

Interpreter Network, LLC a resource that connects limited-English proficient people and their providers to a quality communication link.

This is a new approach to offering interpreter services and embraces cultural understanding with language accuracy to a rapidly growing diverse community. We look forward to serving you.

Sheila D. Rettig, RN, MSN

Interpreter Network, LLC.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of opportunity for those who are limited-English proficient, deaf or hard of hearing and those caring for them in health care, providing legal services, education or business.

Our Mission

Interpreter Network’s mission is to provide innovative technology solutions for communication barriers and improve the quality and safety within healthcare settings. We recognize the importance of confidentiality and privacy and continuassly work to improve educational potential to limited English proficient people. We for all people and work beside various cultural community groups and open the doors for business opportunities.

Memberships & Affiliations

  • ATA – American Translators Association
  • NHELP – National Health Law Program
  • MiTiN – Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network
  • NCIHC – National Council on Interpreting in Health Care
  • ANA – American Nurses Association

Meet Our Work Team