Do you have what it takes?

Please read all these steps before applying for an interpreter position.

1. Are you a native speaker?

2. Do you have experience as an interpreter?

  • If yes, is your experience in medical, legal, business, social environments.
  • If no, are you willing to invest in learning and expanding your language skill?

3. Requirements include reviewing and signing:

  • Interpreter Code of Ethics
  • HIPAA Privacy Law
  • Confidentiality/Privacy practice
  • Dress Code
  • Professional Code of Conduct
  • Updated Immunization Record
  • Drug Screen
  • Terminology and Level Assessment
  • Policy/Procedures
  • Availability and Assignment Protocol
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • On-going education sessions

4. The demonstration of Respect for all people, their culture and belief, is a priority
to be an interpreter candidate for Interpreter Network.

Application / Orientation Packet

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